Luwero Community Project

Gabriel Kijjambu attained his theology degree at ICC in Glasgow, and when he graduated, had a vision of returning to his country Uganda, buying land, and building a school, medical centre and a church. The only problem being, he was pretty well penniless, but through prayer and faith, and the assistance of partnering charities like Acts, he raised finances to buy the land he needed.

Gabriel and his wife Deborah are an amazing couple, now running a large education project up to secondary school grade. The site is complete with a medical centre, children’s orphanage, and agricultural area, and with a newly built church and community hall on site, find out more here . All of this has been achieved right in the middle of what used to be Idi Amin’s killing fields, now bringing hope, light and peace back to such a dark part of Uganda. Gabriel is visiting here this November and will be speaking in several places while in the UK, including taking part in the service and afternoon meeting at the Worthing Tabernacle on the 19th November