AIM (Africa Inland Mission)

Tony and Cath Swanson are long-term missionaries basedPicture of Tony and Cath Swanson at Sanga Sanga at Morogoro in Tanzania. Tony has been heavily involved in the teaching of pastors and in developing a multiuse site at Sanga Sanga, home of the institute of Bible and Ministry this comprising a large conference centre including accommodation, for training and teaching pastors from across East Africa. Part of the development is a camping site, and applying his agricultural skills, Tony is using the land to grow food for use on the site.

Tony and Cath are constantly re-educating themselves, and Tony having recently changed direction in AIM, has taken on a new role of mobilising the whole of the African church into mission. Cath meanwhile is busy with child safety and protection work across the world, as well as organising children at the Sanga Sanga site.

Acts have assisted in the development of the Sanga Sanga site, as this facilitates the teaching of pastors within Tanzania and the whole of the East African area. During his previous role in Acts, Tony Sargent has taught and encouraged many pastors and teachers at this conference centre over the years.

Through AIM’s presiding bishop Dr Silas Yego, we have been able to assist in the recent Central African famine, which has affected the northern part of Kenya badly in the district of Turkana. You can see in the photos, food being distributed to drought victims, and refugees from the civil war in Southern Sudan. Parts of Africa desperately require our help, and we can assist in getting finance to where it is needed, please help.


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