From the new Chairman

Let me introduce myself I am John Kennard and am inheriting the chairmanship of Acts Trust from Dr. Tony Sargent. As Tony, has explained in his letter he needs for health reasons to step down and take a background position. Towards the end of last year after chasing other options which ran into dead ends, it looked as though winding up the trust was the only option. Tony through our long association persuaded me to take on the role as I had a lot of inside knowledge of the running of Acts.

As one of a few people who have travelled extensively with Tony and know the projects and understand his heart for the oppressed and underprivileged peoples of India and Africa, he sounded me out as a potential person for the position. Both my wife and myself have known Tony as our pastor for 27 years along with his wonderful wife Rowena who over the years have been part of our church family. Tony married us and encouraged me in business and we have been friends for over 45 years. I have viewed Tony as a leading light in my life and having sat under so many years of his ministry I know and understand his heart for the terrible injustices in this world that trouble him and touch my own heart.

I have been a member of Worthing Tabernacle Church for 45 years and served as an Elder under Tony’s pastorship for a number of years, I have been a house group leader for 28 of those years and am married to my wife Linda 37 years. We have 2 children and one brand new granddaughter. I successfully ran a small business in the Motor Trade for 35 years here in Worthing and managed to retire early and am pleased to have swapped secular work for the Lords work. I have also recently joined the Gideon’s and do other varied voluntary work with other Christian organisations as well as several other ministries in our church.

I feel rather small stepping into such a large man’s shoes and trying to make a success of the ongoing projects, trying to minister as he has to so many in need. I felt it was a terrible shame to allow Acts to die, especially when I also have been a contributor to it over the years and having seen it be successful over many decades in bringing hope to so many.

Tony and I have managed to recruit 3 other wonderful Christian trustees all willingly giving of their time and resources to make this ministry work. They are Chris Cobbett husband of the late Jaynie whose spirit lives on in the home in Tenali India, Ruth Brown a chartered accountant whose skills will be invaluable to us and Bruce Keen a long-time associate to all of us who has creative IT skills. We have more than doubled the workforce of Acts and after a bedding down period we hope we can still achieve mighty acts for our King of heaven, Jesus Christ, achievable along with your help. I want to also add my thanks for your loyal support of Acts over the years and for your faithful prayers and financial support.

I hope I will be warmly received into your hearts and can count on your future support for the ongoing work of this faithful ministry, we hope to keep in communication with you in a similar format to Tony’s Travelogues.

Every Blessing to you all.

John Kennard.